waiting for Spring to emerge :)

waiting for Spring to emerge :)

Spring was supposed to arrive about 3 weeks ago. Yesterday we go hit pretty hard with a winter storm. As much as I wanted to not like the snow, it was very pretty. It also helped knowing that 60 degree temps were days away 🙂

spring, wisconsin
Our last winter storm! (hopefully)

I have been growing various herbs from seed. One of my absolute favorite is Calendula.

Calendula harvested from our fields

This sunny plant is by far my favorite herb. It can cheer you up in no time. Which is what I needed on a day such as yesterday.

Calendula is a powerhouse, not only is it beautiful to look at but it’s an anti inflammatory powerhouse. This herb has been used for centuries.. from teas, tinctures and poltices to salves and creams.

This is why this herb is the star ingredient in our Perfect Body Cream. The body lotion is a treat. It’s lush. It goes on creamy but absorbs quickly, penetrating into your skin. I have been using it year round for as long as I can remember. Contact me and ask me about sample and full size Perfect Body Cream!

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Perfect Body Cream
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